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AID Scholars Class:
Virtual Magic Wand® Program

Training, inspiring, and connecting the next generation of dermatology innovators

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The Advancing Innovation in Dermatology (AID) Scholars Class offers a unique opportunity to support residents, fellows, early-career researchers and clinicians interested in product and service innovation in dermatology. Each element of the Scholars Class is designed to train, inspire, and connect the next generation of dermatology innovators. The 2019 AID Scholars Class will apply for, and participate in, the Virtual Magic Wand (VMW) Program. The Program is an offshoot of the Magic Wand® Initiative started at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Dermatology to empower clinical faculty to engage in problem-driven research and innovation. The goal of the program is to bring together early-career individuals interested in deeply understanding and defining a dermatologic clinical problem worth solving.


The VMW program is a 10-month instructive and interactive course, which culminates with the submission of a white paper from each Scholar that thoroughly describes a specific clinical problem or critical barrier to progress in the field of dermatology. Scholars will participate in monthly teleconferences led by the VMW program chairs to identify, vet and define problems worth solving. During the course Scholars are also exposed to the basics of Intellectual Property, regulatory and commercial considerations of product development, and how to create an effective pitch deck. Each teleconference will be 1-2 hours in length, depending on the session, and will be held on Thursdays at 6:00 pm (ET). Submission of a white paper is required at the conclusion of the program and is expected to define why the problem identified is worth solving, current solutions (if any) and why the current solutions are insufficient to support meaningful progress toward solving the problem, and who would directly benefit from progress in the area.

The focus of the VMW program is on identifying problems, therefore, the VMW program is a public, non-confidential forum. Participation and disclosure is voluntary; however, the program is designed to be collaborative and encourages sharing.

Scholars are eligible for a $1,500 grant from AID and reduced registration fees to the annual Dermatology Innovation Forum. Scholars are also encouraged to participate in AID’s Education Committee Initiatives. Individuals with a passion for innovation and problem-driven research, and those interested in identifying new strategies and solutions with potential to significantly impact dermatologic health are encouraged to apply.



  • Class I: Introduction to “The Magic Wand®”
  • Workshop I: Identifying Problems Worth Solving
  • Workshop II & III: Brainstorming Sessions
  • Workshop IV: Identifying Key Stakeholders
  • Workshop V: Beyond the Clinical Considerations
  • Class II: Lessons Learned from Experts
  • Class III: Effective Presentation Skills
  • Workshop VI: Problems Worth Solving
  • Class IV: Bridging the Clinical/Technical Divide


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